Your Future Job

Are you an ethical hacker in the making? A budding UAV Swarm co-ordinator, algorithm auditor, retrologist or data bodyguard?

Based on research by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, this quiz aims to help you find out what you will be doing twenty years from now - will you have one foot wedged in the past, or could you be firmly lodged in the future? Might your trade be traditional, or will your racket be robots?

What job will you be doing in the year 2030?

First off, what are you most likely to see when you get to work?

Coffee time! In the office are you the one:

Getting to where you are now took:

It's a team-building morning, and your group has to make the tallest spaghetti and marshmallow tower you can. Are you:

You're running late for work! You're busy thinking what excuse to give, but before you get out of the door you absolutely have to grab your:

There's a new printer in the office, or a new machine at work. Are you:

You're on your break and you're having a sit down. Are you:

Nightmare. There are two deadlines due today and your boss is breathing down your neck. Do you:

Whoops! You've had a bit of a spill in the staff canteen. Do you:

Finally, time for some future gazing - which of the following movie futures do you think is most likely to happen?

Finally, please tell us a bit about you:

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